Earth Child



“I am inspired by how the landscapes make me feel, and my interactions with them” 

Mimi Elashiry



“You can be anyone, anything and anywhere when you experiment with the crazy, colourful melding pot that is the fashion world.” Mimi Elashiry


The kaleidoscopic explosion of the SS15 collections stirs many warm memories. The sensation of a scorching sun prickling the back of the neck flowers in our minds; our ears recollect revving ski boats as they proclaim themselves the modern Neptunes of the sea. If you follow Mimi Elashiry on Instagram, you’ll know that her world is like a perpetual summer.

Mimi’s your girl if you want to see how to dabble in SS15’s 70’s trend. Mimi fashions looks which are a cocktail of Studio 54 glamour and vibrant Summer of Love bohemian prints. She alternates between mismatching colours and patterns, which would make Jimi Hendrick proud; skin-tight, bright velvet two pieces; easy-wear, ethnic beach dresses and dark, sultry grunge looks. All usually fashioned with intricate tribal accessories.
Mimi was my style crush last summer and as this one comes full circle, she’s still at her zenith. It’s the confidence and ease she wears her clothes with which is a real source of inspiration: they’re like extensions of her vivacious personality.

Mimi’s signed to Next Model Management, a devoted blogger and budding photographer, a free spirited traveller, a professionally trained dancer and MTV Australia’s latest style ambassador. Oh, and she’s only just turned 19. You’ve got to take your hats off for this self-made Sydney sweetheart and her crazy catalogue of credentials. Not forgetting her whopping 588k Instagram following.

She’s spreading like a rainbow. Mimi Marlene Ashraf Elashiry is the hypnotic beauty of an Egyptian father and 6th generation Australian mother. Standing at only 5’6 tall, she’s shaking up the commercial modelling world by storm. Although Mimi’s down to earth nature distinguishes her from many social media sensations, whose rapid flights to fame sends their egos through turbulence. Mimi is a fierce advocate of holistic living and leading a pure, clean and organic lifestyle. She practices what she preaches with a collection of vegan health posts and yoga videos. It was a huge relief to discover Mimi was a professionally trained dancer. (The demand to become as supple as a slinky no longer felt quite so pressing.) Mimi opts to wear and support independent, handmade brands such as Liberated Heart and Homage, over high-end designer labels. She adores being by the sea, surfing and getting lost in nature.

I hope this year will be as bright and promising for Mimi as her wardrobe. In the meantime, I’ll be admiring her kooky and fun fashion choices from afar.



“I really love to support handmade and local brands, and I won’t happily wear anything uncomfortable- no matter how fancy it is”. Mimi Elashiry



“My style is heavily influences by the chilled out cruisy coastal lifestyle I enjoy when I escape Sydney. Trips to Byron, noosa and the Gold Coast where I can just loose myself in nature”. Mimi Elashiry



“Having my toes in the sand and salt in my hair defines who I am”. Mimi Elashiry