Pink Pleases


A paintbrush hasn’t caressed my room in twelve years. My wallpaper is a manifestation of the pink cased Polly Pocket years, my infatuation with Jigglypuff and a burning passion for Princess Aurora gowns. My room oozes all the hottest and most shocking shades of pink under the sun. A fuchsia glow glazes over my vision each morning. All I can think, see, taste and breathe is – you’ve guessed it.

So I figured it’s about time I paid homage to the colour which envelops me on a daily basis.

Get ready to indulge in seven photographs of pure pink magic – please, consider it your new colour crush…

As a little warm up, here are seven facts to get you thinking pink.

1) ‘Pink’ was christened with its name in the 17th century

2) The colour pink derives from flowering plants of the same name, belonging to the Dianthus family

3) In Japan pink is a colour associated with springtime, when the cherry blossoms bloom their most spectacular shades

4) The majority of flamingos are pink because they consume pink pigments in their diet

5) Adélie penguins have pink feet

6) Prison walls are sometimes painted pink because the colour produces more tranquilising effects on inmates

7) Shakespeare’s ‘Romeo and Juliet’ and ‘Antony and Cleopatra’ are his only plays which mention the word ‘pink’


Richard Mosse- Safe from Harm, North Kivu, Eastern Congo, 2012

Richard Mosse’s photographs are psychedelic pink dreamscapes, undercut by militia volatility and violence. Mosse documents the devastating tragedy of the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo, where 5.4 million have lost their lives to war related causes since 1998.

Mosse shoots with Kodak Aerochrome, a film designed in the 1940s which aided the U.S. military with camouflage detection. The film registers infrared light which is invisible to the naked eye and furnishes landscapes with astonishing colours. Hues of grassy green morph into startling pinks. Mosse’s photographs cast pink – a colour synonymous with softness and love – in a wholly new perspective.

The photographer’s landscapes of unnatural pink beauty, rife with conflict, are equally striking and unsettling. The shortcomings of documentary photography and its failure to communicate all the horrors and brutalities of war in a true light, is at the very core of Mosse’s poignant photographs.


Pink at night, San Diego Zoo, July 2012

I find this snap of neon pink tinged flamingos pretty electrifying. It makes me picture sleazy motels with dilapidated neon signs, a few buzzes away from extinction. Their piercing pink makes me reflect on flamingo pop culture in all its trashy fabulousness. I’m jilted back down memory lane, to building a house from my Sims – solely fortified by a wall of pink lawn flamingos. It’s a real shame flamingos are such a wan shade; I could seriously get used to them looking like this.


Gemma Ward for i-D Magazine, The Offspring Issue, September 2007.

This cover is ‘A Midsummer Night’s Dream’ and just a dream, period. Gemma Ward plays the part of a flirtatious nymph, draped in the sweetest smelling shades of pink. Gemma was the girl of the moment, never ceasing to pull off any look with stunning, monumental ease. I was particularly delighted when I got my hands on this issue because I knew it would blend into my room just perfectly. It remains there to this day, as does Gemma as one of my all-time favourite models.


Richard Mosse, Poison Glen, 2012

I couldn’t resist another Mosse  entry, the deserved winner of ‘Deutsche Börse Photography Prize 2014’.


Nhykor for The Lab Magazine, ‘Nhykor in Bloom’, 7th issue, June 2013

“Simplicity is the ultimate sophistication”- Leonardo Da Vinci knew his stuff for sure. This minimal photograph couldn’t be more striking. Our eyes are captivated by Nhyktor’s proud and poised silhouette, exuding pink power with this slinky two-piece.


The Grand Budapest Hotel, Directed by Wes Anderson, 2014

Wes Anderson’s film opened up my eyes to the frivolous pink paradise which was ‘The Grand Budapest Hotel’ itself. Here is his version pictured in all its Art Nouveau grandeur; I feel like my eyes are feasting on the most elaborate Mr Kipling French Fancy cake. The hotel’s eccentricity and garishness only enhances its appeal. All in all it’s the perfect setting for the most bizarre, bonkers and brilliant of adventures.


Christopher Kane SS07

Barbie just got a sexy make-over. This look couldn’t be more plastic fantastic.

Right at the summit of the bodycon trend lay Christoper Kane’s SS07 collection. This dress makes me feel like a magpie staring at a pink goldmine. It’s hard to know where to begin. The fuchsia mermaid stringed shell bra? Those ruby rose rhinestones? The cherry blossom mesh rounded off with Victorian frills? What happens when you throw all these haphazard elements together? Pure Christopher Kane magic. This dress transports us back to our beloved Barbie collections and propels us towards a sassier, contemporary Cinderella, who would be the belle of the ball.