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Tom Misch’s beats are like a silky musical tapestry embracing the body, with his vocals melting like butter into the ears.

Misch has been musically orientated from a very early age. He begun learning the violin not long after taking his first steps. Later on in life, he was later seduced by more of the stringed family, in the form of the acoustic and bass guitar. It wasn’t until the commencement of sixth form and his music tech studies that he developed a fierce passion for weaving sounds together. Misch builds on the foundations of his favourite genres: jazz, soul and 90’s hip hop. For finishing touches he mingles in progressive piano chords, stringed instruments and every so often, his voice brimming with soul.

 You Got Me Flying

As ‘quite an introverted guy’ , Misch claims he never really enjoyed the sound of his voice. However, his parents spurred him on and he realised singing would help him reach a wider audience. Now Misch is more accustomed to his sound, he has grown to like it in all its deep thickness.

In The Middle Of The Night

The music Misch produces is as wide-ranging as a storybook of characters. There’s a different emotional intensity and flavour to each song. In the middle of the night transports me to a sleepy jazz bar with lonely souls in smoking jackets, seated on stools, watching plumes of smoke billow above their heads. You Got Me Flying makes me think of young and reckless lovers gliding up to the top of a ferris wheel, wrapped in the embrace of a whirlwind romance. The steel drums and strings in his debut single Memory, conjure up nostalgic recollections of beaches by candlelight and stars winking in the immense night sky. His music is there to suit your each and every mood, it carries you to any place imaginable.


Misch’s days of schooling still aren’t over, he is currently studying for his jazz guitar degree. His insatiable appetite to learn new skills and enhance existing ones, alongside his raw talent, should send this South Londoner very far in 2015. J’Dilla and D’Angelo are two of Misch’s musical greats and if he keeps up this work in the future he may just join The Hall of the Greats too.


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Maxine Ashley is a Bronx native of Puerto Rican descent. She is a stunning siren luring all music voyagers in with her melodic pop.

Maxine set up her YouTube channel, a journal enriched with R’n’B song covers, when she was 12 years old. A year later, she was signed to Interscope and the songbird migrated to London to pursue her career. As several years elapsed without her musical ambitions coming closer to fruition, Maxine resettled back in the Bronx. On the day of her return she received an email from Mr Pharrell Williams. Pharrell had been tracking Maxine’s progress since the genesis of her YouTube channel. In a Dazed & Confused interview Pharrell confesses he initially thought she was lipsyncing to the Beyonce record and when he realised she wasn’t, ‘that’s when I was like, okay, we gotta find this girl’. Pharrell signed Maxine to his ‘I Am Other’ label, she became his protege and later released her diverse Moodswings EP.

The prelude Mary is a like a psychotropic trip with sounds of The Velvet Underground folk-rock and a haunting tambourine. Perpetual Nights is a quintessentially Pharrell track infused with the languorous quality of Maxine’s voice. The song and music video gushes all the old school glamour of Andy Warhol’s Factory. Maxine’s cover of Portishead’s Glory Box possesses the sultry film noir feel as the original. Maxine projects her moody, femme fatale voice with great command and restraint. Between You And I is a drowsy eyed pop song which wouldn’t be out of place on Beyonce’s first solo album ‘Dangerously In Love’. By Your Side’s droney, psych-pop sounds and smouldering vocals are of a similar nature to Lana Del Ray’s. The floaty and europhic sounds of Here We Are invites the hips to sway to the sedative swoons of ‘Ladadi Ladada’.

Maxine Ashley’s SoundCloud would suggest she’s gone into a 365 day hibernation, only peeping out to release two records in between. However, If you follow her on Instagram you’ll know she’s very much around, showcasing her hair which colours as frequently as a chameleon, belting out renditions of the latest hits and generally being as kooky as anything. In-between all these uploads and since the release of Maxine’s first EP Moodswings, she’s been extremely busy making new music.

‘The new stuff’s way different. It’s a huge jump and a huge growth. The Moodswings EP was about showing off what I could do with the little that I had, but now I have so many resources and so many great people by my side that the new music sounds like a billion steroids have been injected into my songs.’  

Maxine’s recent one-off release, Guerrilla, is produced by her mentor Mr Williams and is the soundtrack for the upcoming film ‘Trash’, starring Rooney Mara and Martin Sheen. The song zings all the vibrancy of Rio de Janeiro with its Baile funk beats and street South American rhythms. Maxine proceeds to cement her international stardom by channeling her roots and rapping in Spanish and Portuguese in this song. If Guerrilla is anything to go by in terms of the way Maxine is shaking things up and exploring new genres, we seriously better watch this space.

 Ashley’s idols include Erykah Badu, Sade and Gwen Stefani, although she wants recognition as a musician in her own right and with her own distinct sound. Maxine describes her new material as ‘Theatrically chill. Dramatic. Cinematic’. This description has left me on the edge of my seat,  I’m eagerly waiting with bated breath.

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