The beginning of January brings a ferocious tornado of New Year’s resolutions and starry-eyed optimism. We write down we’ll give up chocolate with our eyes fixated on a Lindtt Eiffel Tower before us, in all its splendour. We swear we won’t prod the precarious Leaning Tower Of Biscuits, as we salivate over whether the Viennese Swirl or Gingersnap would make it fall. Both are predominantly the courtesy of relatives who squidge your cheeks whenever they see you, heartily reminding you how many sweet treats you’ve consumed and however many more you could do without. We delude ourselves into thinking we’ll treat our bodies like temples, religiously hitting the gym every single day until our kangeroo pouch full of mince pies is a hazy past memory.

Unless you’re going to be dancing your way back into fitness with Seen On Screen or some other laughter-inducing exercise class, the prospect of hitting the gym and adhering to a regime with military general prowess, isn’t exactly all sunshine and daisies. If anything, the thought makes you want to bask in the toastiness of your home, sip on a cup of Green Tea and pray it God its metabolism boosting properties equate to a gentle warm-up at least.

So if you can’t make the gym seem fun, put the fun back into the gym. New gym gear is bound to a fresh slate mentality: new year, new you, killer clothes, killer attitude. Retailers aren’t disappointing this season either and are churning out some seriously on-point sportswear. Here’s a selection of my current high street favourites, there’s no excuse not to the saunter to the gym and flaunt these sassy little numbers.

Wishing everyone all the best on their January health boost journeys.

1999 medium impact bra mango  adidas printed capri 40

MANGO Medium Impact Bra (£19.99) ADIDAS Printed Capri (£40)

medium impact bra mango 2nike pro web print capri

MANGO Medium Impact Bra (£19.99) Nike Pro Web Print Capri (£28)

5749412612008_001_e   nikke

Without Walls Black Mesh Halterneck Bra (£28) Adidas Run City Leggings (£45) Both @ Urban Outfitters

Textile Federation Cosmic Mesh Insert Crop To 26 iaiaia

Textile Federation Cosmic Mesh Insert Top @ Urban Outfitters (£26) Nike Black Pink Print Relay (£42)

Marble Print Active Crop Top 26     JSJSJ

Urban Outfitters Marble Print Active Crop (£26) and Leggings (£38) Misguided Active Printed Full Length Gym Sports Bra (£10) Leggings (£15) in Navy Croc