A Bitch To The Braid

Intricacy is the red hot name of this upcoming season’s hair trend game. SS15 catwalk models flaunted a labyrinth of locks boasting theatrical, futuristic and tribal heritage. Danish twists, Celtic knots and Zodiac symbols were amongst the decorative designs woven into their tresses. SS15’s maverick spirit manifested itself with its hairstyles which defied the laws of gravity and created eyelash-batting illusions.

Here’s a little edit I ruffled up into shape, showcasing my favourites.

The Urbanite Khaleeshi- Sofia Richie

Historically braids have been signifiers for wealth, kinship and age. Sofia Richie’s tell me how immensely cool she is at 16 years old. Lionel Richie’s daughter opts for asymmetrical styles which show just what an adventurous braid runner she is.

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Braids of glory: Giorgio Armani and Marchesa SS15 and Jessica Stam



Smouldering Medusa- FKA Twigs

FKA Twigs’ locks possesses Medusa’s hair with her coiled snakelike spirals and wisps of  baby hair which slither like a snake’s tongue. Ornate sculpting plays a key role in every look: this is a contemporary take on the Ancient Egyptian and Greek worlds.


Knot so fast- Marc Jacobs SS15 and Rihanna

2015 could take on a 90’s Scary Spice in a battle of the buns. With bunhawks of up to five and six knots, this look is tongue and cheek fashion at its best. Horned dinosaurs have resurfaced head first with Jurassic Park hitting up the runway.


Glitter Bug- Ashish

SS15’s discotheque trend has even rooted itself on the hair follicales. Unnatural hair colours such a pink, purples and blues added shocks of vibrancy to models’ locks. It’s time to unearth your Christmas time tinsle from the attic. This glitter parting makes my heart glisten.


Put A Ring On It- Dior Couture 2015

This spring and summer weaves and rings make the world go round. Rings can be adapted for a futuristic look, as featured on Dior Couture 2015 or used to channel an age-old warrior vibes.



Foreplay- DKNY

Plumes of smoke appeared on each models forehead on the DKNY SS15 catwalks. While the wet, drawn on hair look will not become an everyday one anytime soon, it was refreshing to see the Croydon curl served up on a platter of elegance.


A style within a style- Diana Kruger

This trend is like a baker’s pastry shop, with goodness and fillings wrapped inside. Diana Kruger dons the braid within a braid. Giamba SS15 gives us an insight into an odd looking future, with sinister but oh so intriguing, centre parting braids. Suno SS15 pulled out all the stops and dished up one cutesy plait within a fishtail, within a weave. Pass the pass parcel is not just a kid’s game.

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sunoooo suno

Feeling frazzled- Sofia Richie, Jeremy Scott, Stella McCartney

Heat brings on the frizz so what a relief to discover this was being taken one step further and crimpers were back in fashion. This trend can be adapted to make it as subtle, or as much of a statement as you like. Given my love of crinkly bacon frazzles, I’m totally in.