Sister Sister

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This is Joanna and Sarah Halpin. 

Individually they’re bright, creative and drop-dead-gorgeous.

Collaboratively, they might just be unstoppable.

So far 2015 has been the year for famous sisters to flourish and bloom. Kendall and Kylie; Gigi and Bella; all have been heralded by millenniums in their rankings of fashion, beauty and style. Kendall’s knighthood in the kingdom of editorial modelling, saw her slink out of her old sisters’ shadows and radiate her own credentials. Kylie became synonymous with those lips and her chameleon changing tresses. Both lured in an army of beauty vloggers striving to perfect her look. Gigi and Bella Hadid also gained props for their rising modelling careers. Each underwent a style evolution and reemerged with their own distinguished, personally flavoured look. Gigi is the latest face for TOPSHOP AW15 and Bella the latest face of the Galaxy S6Edge campaign. All siblings starred in Balmain’s Fall 2015 sister campaign.

But this duo get my vote.


They’re significantly more understated but significantly more cool: the creative Halpin siblings. (Joanna, above left and Sarah, above right).

Sarah is currently studying for the last year of her Surface and Pattern Design degree at Leeds College of Art. Joanna, the elder sibling, completed her Graphics Design degree at Falmouth University. Their latest venture, their lifestyle blog ‘What She Said‘ is fashioned like a journal. The crisp and clean layout reflects both of their artistic merits. They launched their blog at the tail end this summer, although both confessed that they had been meaning to create it for a good part of year. Unfortunately busy work schedules made this next to impossible.

In an interview with Premier they revealed ‘the ‘sister’ thing is really a big part of our blog, and something we hope will make our blog slightly different![…] We want our blog to reflect us and the happenings of what we do/ what inspires our lives. Alongside acting as a lifestyle/ journal/ fashion blog, we feel “What She Said” is a great platform to share and promote some of our modelling work too.’


Joanna, a Premier model, has fronted Misguided campaigns and is no stranger to ASOS women’s fashion pages. Sarah recently was signed to Profile Model Management’s Newfaces. Although I won’t dwell on their modelling any further. Looking at both, it’s blindingly obvious how they landed these agency contracts. What’s really interesting, is their brains and artistic minds driving ‘What She Said’.

In their ‘DESIGN DIARY‘ Sarah shares her latest work for her pattern design degree, inspired by natural landscapes, such as foliage and marine life. Their ‘WHAT WE’RE UP TO‘ page promises to showcase their joint, and sometimes individual, leisurely pursuits. I adore their ‘INSPIRATION‘ page, is like a hybrid Tumblr-Pinterest mood board. Themes range from Thailand, to wedding dresses and ice cream, all serving up a brilliant and bountiful array of photos.

There have only been a handful of posts but they’ve captured my attention and made me enticed by those that shall follow suit…

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