Lourdes Leon has seriously been on my radar of late.





Lourdes Maria Ciccone Leon is Madonna’s eldest child and the offspring of Carlos Leon, Madonna’s ex-partner and previous personal trainer.

Lourdes was brought up in London when Madonna remarried the British film director, Guy Ritchie. This is where the young Cuban-Italian beauty became even more culturally enriched and was schooled in French alongside her other studies.

To date, Loudres has managed to stayed out of the limelight. Only cropping up in every other blue moon when a collaboration with her mother takes place.

Lourdes co-wrote the children’s story ‘The English Roses’ with Madonna in 2003. Mother and daughter then partnered up 7 years later to create the ‘Material Girl’ clothing line. Lourdes has made brief appearances in a handful of Madonna’s videos and supplied backing vocals to one. It just so happens they’re not out of tune with her own ambitions.

Last year Lourdes obtained her diploma in Performing Arts from La Guardia School in New York. She hopes to follow in her mother’s footsteps and go on to attend the University of Michigan, where Madonna is an alumni.

Lourdes turns 19 on October 14th and it seems she’s truly coming into her own. She may be half a decade younger than me but she’s five times as cool as me. For starters, she’s dyed her hair grey and pulls it off effortlessly. Lourdes’ style is eclectic, unpredictable and free spirited. Like F.K.A Twigs her style seems to be a channel for ultimate self expression.

At the moment, Lourdes is ‘Madonna’s daughter’ but if her killer style continues to evolve, she’ll become idolised before for her career even takes off.


Low-rider: Slouchy boyfriend jeans, a flash of lace, fitted crop and clumpy AirForces.


Summer-Time Grunge: Marigold meets punk
298BBE0200000578-3121356-Experimental_She_capped_off_her_look_with_layered_necklaces_two_-a-23_1434107272305Boho On-The-Go: Traveller tank with a body-con skirt, grunged up with plimsolls and cycling shorts

29F7BB7D00000578-0-image-a-23_1435249692303Sports Luxe: Tailored trousers, tucked in tank, colour co-ordinated down to a T


Off-duty diva: The jumpsuit, with touch of jewellery and JLO