Sundays come in all shapes and forms. I can whittle mine down into two categories: the Super Sunday & the Lazy Sunday.

The Super Sunday is spent enjoying brunch with friends, visiting a gallery/ pop-up, going for a morning exercise class and running little errands which you’ve been putting off all week. Now please let me stress this isn’t called ‘Super Sunday’ for no apparent reason. All those accomplishments would make Superwoman hand over her cape.

Once every couple of months I manage to end my week on a heroic note. Habitually, every other one is spent in the slooooow lane.

Brunch can still feature on a Lazy Sunday’s agenda or a pootle around town, at most. I like to spend the largest portion of mine reclining at home, as the world passes by. When I’m kicking back I always listen to my collection of smooth Sunday sounds. I love soaking up all their serene strings and silky melodies.

Here’s a couple which I’ve been sashaying to today:

If you’ve already read my ‘Generation Next‘ post and detected my veneration for Tom Misch, it’ll come as no surprise that he features here. I think Misch’s music epitomises the Sunday Coffee Table Culture, in all its languid glory. Before The Rising Sun is a gem from ‘Beat Tape 2”s extended edition. This europhic beat is as heavenly as the opening ‘White lace and promises’. The perfect post-club, early hours listening which let’s you find the solace in the sunshine. 

SIR layers glitched, offbeat sounds and an angelic gospel choir, with melodic rap. The Calfornia-based writer and producer’s talents lie not only in his music but his song’s narrative. ‘If you got a problem you can meet me in the sky’. SIR creates serene sounds with profound lyrics, a song perfect for a meditative state.

Remember the summer floor-filler Calibra 2007? Gravez propels this to new heights of sophistication. I love this edit which has matured with my own musical taste since the original release.

Listening to this I feel I like I’m being transported on a waves to a mysterious destination. Everything about Deap Deal is so seamless, smooth and seductive – total transportation to a dreamy state.

Everytime I heard this old-school glamour, romanticised opening, I’m swept away with the piano chords. After a heavy night, Sunday’s can be a little rough around the edges (to say this least). This track evens out and smooth all those edges for me so it’s almost like I’ve been gifted with a brand new day. I’m a massive fan of Kaytranada’s latest Drive Me Crazy, Leave Me Alone and earlier remixes of If and On and On. Although when it comes to Sunday cruising, this song steals the show.