If ‘Yasmin Suteja’ doesn’t ring a bell, take a moment to remember this name and face. Both belong to the Sydney-based and Bali-raised creative who’s taking the world by storm, one step at a time…

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CULTURE MACHINE is the booming Bali-based creative agency, currently churning out the coolest fashion films and editorials. The brains and beauty behind its operations are none other than Yasmin Suteja, CULTURE MACHINE’s 24-year-old founder, creative director and talent agent.

It’s safe to say this Balinese/Greek beauty certainly isn’t shy of talent…Yasmin is a trained photographer, filmmaker, part-time singer, part-time model and an amazing impersonator who can turn her hand to any accent under the sun (kudos for Lilo & Stitch). Her whopping 70K Instagram confirms her goofy videos and wicked personal style are loved by many.

As far as great stories go, the story behind the CULTURE MACHINE is right up there…it all began in Yas’ hotel room in Las Vegas, three years ago. Yas was 21 and had travelled to the U.S. for the first time, for Coachella. CULTURE MACHINE’s Tumblr page became a place for her to showcase all the film photos she’d taken at the festival. Following her trip, Yas returned to Bali, where she was living with her mum. At this point Tiger Mist contacted her, asking if she would like to shoot their next campaign. This campaign with Sahara Ray and Mimi Elashiry, would kick-start her career…




Yas began sourcing more work off the back of the Tiger Mist campaign. She started scouting her own talent and models, building up a network base. As work came flowing in, Yas moved to Syndey, where she would complete her BA Media Arts and Production Degree at UTS. Now CULTURE MACHINE offers its fashion photography, branding and artistic direction to the hippest brands across the globe. From strong editorial campaigns like This Is Australia, to producing kooky videos, CULTURE MACHINE never fails to deliver fresh and original content.

As for the secrets to success?  Yas believes it lies with a tight-knit team. She’ll shoot with her boyfriend Kale and her brother, Kai lends his comedy writing and design skills to the agency. Yas dubbs Kath (a.k.a Kathleen Ebbs) ‘the muse’ and ‘the face of CULTURE MACHINE. The Abbey-Lee Kershaw lookalike was discovered by Yas on Instagram and signed right away. Now they’re best buds.

Lukas, one of the models and actors Yas represents, was introduced to her by her boyfriend Kale. Lukas is also a filmmaker and editor, who lends his hand to CULTURE MACHINE’s creative processes. Yas admits while all the attention they’re gaining is great, you can’t allow yourself to get sucked in by the glory:

‘We are all true to ourselves, we’ve never tried to be anything other than that. And we don’t concern ourselves with follows and likes. You have to remember that trends come and go, it’s your ability to adapt to the context around you whilst maintaining true to yourself that will give you longevity as a creative content creator.’

One day the young founder dreams of shooting Devon Aoki and expanding their offices to several locations overseas. At this rate, I’ve got to say – keep on going girl, you’re almost there…x




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