Last night a podcast saved my life

Podcasts are great. They make you dream, gasp, laugh, cry and see the world with your eyes open wide.

As a secret geek, why wouldn’t I want to pop in my headphones and viola, 3 minutes later I’ve been talked through how marshmallows are made. Truly, life doesn’t get more beautiful than that…

From podcasts which will make your face stream with tears of laughter (My Dad Wrote A Porno, 2 Dope Queens, Mortified), to nail-biting suspense series (Season one Serial, Limetown), just like an LBD, there’s a podcast for every occasion. Today though, it’s all about the ones which make you go ‘Ohhhhh!’ like Mary J. Blige having an epic lightbulb moment.


Just so all these bursting bulbs don’t set the world on fiyah, I’ve narrowed it down to my Top 6 eye-opening episodes.

How to gain control of your free time | Laura Vanderkam TEDTalks


Time, time, time…it’s like that pesky little pixie which keeps on running away from us. Contrary to the popular belief ‘I don’t have the time‘, Laura Vanderkam in her TED Talk highlights with a generous 168 hours in the week, you probably do. Vanderkam challenges us to rewire our minds and stop viewing things as units of time – but as priorities. No jokes, by the time you’ve finished listening to this you’ll probably have gained back an entire day. Mind. Blown.

The Quarter Life Crisis Ladies Who Lunch


YouTubers Ingrid Nilson and Cat Valdes are so honest and comforting, their podcast’s like a big warm hug. In this particular episode, they really hit the nail on the head. Both bring to the surface all the perplexing, frustrating and isolating emotions The Quarter Life Crisis can bring. Basically, if you’re a twenty-something feeling lost and without purpose, feeling confused by your own goals and other’s expectations (which up until this point have guided you in life) – you’re not alone. During the darkest of times, Ingrid and Cat are just like the big sisters you never had, uplifting and reassuring you along the way.

#556: Same Bed, Different Dreams This American Life


There’s crazy and then there’s Kim Jong-II crazy, which is a whole other kettle of fish. Oh, you know, that time when he abducted a glamorous South Korean movie star and her famous film director ex-husband. If that wasn’t messed up enough, he then imprisons them for four years, forces them to make films for him and just because what are the chances, they happen to fall back in love. Honestly, it’s more bonkers than you could ever believe. Same Bed, Different Dreams is the star story in this brilliant This American Life episode focusing on people being bundled together, who have very different dreams…

A Heart Outran | Modern Love 17 Modern Love


You’ve been warned, this one is a tear-jerker but only because it’s so beautiful. This is the tale of a quadriplegic man who has given up on love until it comes knocking at his door. In true Modern Love fashion, it’s free from any gushing moments or romantic cliches. Just pure raw, touching emotions. Oh, and Colin Farrell narrates the story, in his super sexy, husky Irish tones. Did I just see your ears prick up? I thought so…

A History of Pizza Live at C2E2 Stuff You Missed In History Class


We eat it, we love it – but what’s the backstory of the doughy, tomato passata and melted mozzarella circle, otherwise known as HEAVEN? Well it’s actually super interesting. Get ready for your most mouth-watering history lesson ever…

E17: Saturday State of Mind Monocycle with Leandra Medine


Sunday Scaries? Monday Blues? Barely make it up the camel’s back in time for Hump Day? It’s the worst right? I love this little short by Leandra Medine, acting as a little reminder, our day only tends to be as bad as we make it. If we make a few tweaks here and there – we could maybe have a MAGNIFICANT MONDAY. HmmAlmostMaybe…One thing’s for sure, coffee on a Monday morning never tasted so great.