Give me one drop of sunshine and I’m all yours. Honestly – that’s all it takes.

Let one teeny, tiny drop of sunshine sink into my skin and I’ll become the most cheerful and charming little petal you’ve ever seen. My soul becomes lighter, like a Quaver, blissfully floating through air.

On the flip side, catch me from October to March – you poor bugger. Storm clouds erupt across my furrowed brow. During the shorter, darker days, I find myself stuck in a Monday mentality for an entire season, and every season, my clothes invariably become an extension of my mood.

My winter wardrobe is strictly Berghain vibes; black, black, and more black. After all of that, I’d still never get in. Maybe if I’m feeling outrageous, I’ll opt for a yellow knit (only to discover under the clinical office lighting, I look sinisterly ill).

But then the sun peaks out its flirtatious face and I’m reborn. In fact, the whole world seems to bounce back. It happens every spring, without fail; the first slither of sunshine, goes straight to people’s heads.

Who cares if it’s still 14 degrees outside – if you live in London and that means it’s a blue skied, sunny-ish day – it’s time to totter down to Clapham Common dressed for the Mardi Gras.  Time to bust out your kaleidoscopic prints and dust down your metallic gold Kylie Minogue hotpants. The whole world becomes a bit more bonkers and liberated – and I love it.

Suddenly, I’m also like a moth to a flame, plumping up my wardrobe with more colour than a Crayola Crayons box.

So when my boyfriend and I jetted off to Cuba – a.k.a. the country bursting with enough eye-popping shades to put a MAC counter to shame – I’d be lying if I said sussing out my holiday buys didn’t leave me spluttering with glee.


In London – a.k.a. 50 shades of grey – when the sun shines, the whole city comes alive. But going to Cuba was like stepping into a real-life colouring book. The moment we touched down in Havana, all the streets swimming in colour and character lived up to the hype.

When you’re surrounded by brilliant and bright surroundings, it’s like being in a room full of brilliant and bright people: they’re inspiring and illuminating. My holiday wardrobe totally lapped up my surroundings.

All my outfits had a Latin American flex; I had a full blown love affair with romantic ruffles, salsa shaped frills and loud, statement earrings. More than anything though, the Cuban’s lively spirit rubbed off on me. We found Cubans to be some of the chattiest, helpful and most charming people we’d ever met – with a wicked sense of humour too. I found myself embracing their light-hearted ways and channeling them through my clothes.

I felt more playful; having fun was the name of the game. I felt bolder; I became a walking colour bomb. I felt carefree; I was dressing purely for me. More than anything, I felt more positive; all the vibrant hues doubled up as a mood-boost.

Of course, it all comes back to one thing – just give me one drop of sunshine and I’m as good as new.

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