She can act, she’s an activist, she’s super eloquent, an award-winning feminist, a mean violist, a comic book founder, a member of the Art Hoe Collective, and now it’s been revealed – she can sing and make really great music – and I mean, really, really sing and make really, really great music. Could Amandla Stenberg stop the Earth from spinning in its tracks? Quite possibly, and just at the sweet age of 18 #queen.



‘Let My Baby Stay’ is a cover of Mac DeMacro‘s track – but like any good musician, Amandla’s made it completely her own. Amandla’s version is an ethereal, downtempo R&B jam – all suffused by her languorously soulful voice. The sounds are smoother than a baby’s bottom and I am OB-SESSED.

In the video, directed by Amandla, she busts some cool moves in a room alone and another full of people obliviously glued to their phones (what are us Gen Ys and Zs like?!). The refreshing casting of women and men of colour side-step against the video’s dreamlike pinks and purples, reminiscent of a Petra Collins colour palette. The track was produced by Leven Kali (who really deserves his own blog post soon) and released on Interscope Records.

Mac DeMacro originally penned the lyrics about his longtime girlfriend Kiera, who risked being back deported to Canada because she didn’t have a proper visa. The song narrates her still staying with him despite the visa issues she faced as an illegal immigrant.

‘Let My Baby Stay’ will double-up as part of the soundtrack to Everything, Everything – Amandla’s upcoming romance drama, where she plays the lead of Maddy and stars alongside Nick Robertson.

So hats off to Amandla for absolutely killing the game – otherwise known as, life. My ears are itching until she comes out with some more sublime sounds. Clap, clap.